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here my dumb art B)


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United Kingdom

:bulletblack: i'm sam and i'm a loser who likes drawing and stuff B) uh i'm not incredibly active on here i just post my crap. anyway i like dragons and zelda and i'm very kinky

i'm way more active on my tumblr so that's ur best bet at contacting me

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B))) I have returned from the undead

OKAY here is a proper update instead of the other two journals I just kinda wrote in 5 seconds. I'm thinking about returning heRE! FANTAS TIC N EWS FOR ALL U CHUMS. Anyway main reason I left I just kinda got sick with all the bad memories I've had with da in general (me being ill and all that). On that topic I don't have depression anymore and I'm pretty much fine so no more random moodswings. I'm back to my very bad humoured self who makes very innappropriate puns B)

But I've been thinking if I DO come back properly and submit stuff, I'd like to change my username. It's been SnakeSword for years and I used the same name for my tumblr account, but then I changed that to "insanity-ecstasy". I use that for most of my things now so I guess I'll use that. EDIT: bah humbug I realised u have to be a premium member to change it :icontearplz:

Plus I'll be sorting out my entire profile and maybe deleting some old stuff I cringe looking at. I don't think I'll ever be as active as I was before because I am no way spending money on premium. Tbh I'll just submit my digital art here, though I have been doing a LOT of paintings lately but my shitty phone camera never gets a good enough shot to upload them. I've done quite a few digital stuff since I'm sure y'all will like.

So yeah, that's my update. smaller ones include I'VE LEFT SCHOOL HA and zelda is my life. Also i'm 16 now I still like dragons and I follow too many groups on here help
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Blue Stahli - Not Over Till We Say So
  • Playing: ZEL D A
  • Eating: My meds by the handful B)
Volga by SnakeSword

i haven't submitted anything in over a year please forgive. i brought a dragon
ANYWAY since i've been gone i've fallen in love with the legend of zelda (seriously you guys have no idea) and this is volga from hyrule warriors. rad game bc you can play as the villains.

uh yeah i uploaded this bc why the hell not. actually it's because on tumblr my stuff doesn't get a lot of views so yea i'm sacrificing this to this godforsaken wesbite B(
wha t the hell happened 2 deviantart my eyes are bleeding is this facebook now???
also hi again
was looking through my gallery and ohoho some of those were bad

i miss everyone oh my god my loves

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Happy Birthday!! birthday cake Free Birthday Icon Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sexy Chica - Icon GIF Happy Birthday Godliek :D 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday Birthday cake  icon EXO : Suho Gift 
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